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Mix Talks: MUSIC

sorry for the lack of updatez! ;P i got way caught into this thing, have you heard of it? its called Homestuck. I'll tell you about it some time!

I've also been busy filling the music player with some hot tunes. Humans got their music soo right. I love the ones that make you just wanna get up and have a good time.

you know, I read that humans find comfort in music, but they don't really know why, they just got ideas. They think maybe it's 'cuz it reminds them of their heartbeat, or the human voice.
It could also be that it activates the pattern seeking system of the brain, or that it stimulates the reward system, or even that it helps them remember things, kinda like telling stories does.. like, they really don't know why yet?! Super funny. seems pretty obvious to me.
Don't you think so too?
As for me, I basically got music bumping 255/2... or, for this planet it's more like 24/7 huh? same diff! Just can't get enough! There's no time where I don't have a jam going, unless I'm having a nap of course.
I've even started puttin' myself in the mix (ha ha) and making music too! I'd like to share it sometime once I'm confident enough in it.

For now I'm thinking of working on a site button for my blog so y'all can link to me if you want, and a guestbook too! The pictures I got off of AI-bo transferred just fine too, so those will be featured at some point in future entries. I wanna talk about all sorts of things on this planet.

MIX signin' off! :)