telescopic visions wandering from planet earth

Mix Talks: FIFTH KIND?

My first entry, WOOT! Since I'm startin' to build this webpage up, I figure it's 'bout time I give a couple deets about my stay!

I'm stayin' in the country of AUSTRALIA! you can see me posin' in front of it on my about page! now it's not my first time hearin' about it; the reason I picked this one is 'cus our species landed here a while ago and set up a restaurant in SYDNEY "Xerts". (Ignore any bad reviews you may find about it on the so-called "INTERNET"!!)

The reason for my visit? so it goes like this: in the outer galaxy, Earth is totally known for its entertainment, and I wanted to absorb it all! most commonly:

1. tubular video games. I heard of people who decided to stay on Earth *just* for the video games. My favs are the kind where you gotta bump and groove to play them.

2. TV/theatre. Something about human bloodlust and desire for conflict makes for some juicy stories and prime viewing fun. (yeah i like the reality tv shows, what about it?!)

3. the MUSIC!! Now this one is the main attraction. You got no idea. Earth's music is DOPE. so many of these Earth musicians become intergalactic hits, like, ever heard of "Britney Spears"? Total ICON. It's so much of a big market that you even got Earth bands coming out to *us* for tours, and that's not even counting what Earth was sendin' out before they got better tech, but by then we we're already streamin' Earth music anyway.
Out here the most notable band that broke the galaxy barrier was a band called
"m-flo". Now THAT's music. I even named my blog after 'em!

I've been to a couple planets before when I was younger, but this one's the first time I'm out here on my own since I got old enough!
And would'ya believe it, the moment I land down here everything goes WACK! X(
And plus, Earth's kinda not got much else goin' for it, if I'm being honest.. There's some rare bits of media you can only find by comin' here but you can get most Earth media out in the galaxy anyway. So now I'm just waitin' for my parents to come pick me up. Love you mum! (and mum 2, and mum 3, and mum 4... this goes on for a while) But since it takes a lil' while for them to get here, I'm just chillin' takin' in all I can before I get beamed back up.

some other misc thoughts... My universal translator is busted - people say my lingo is lame, and i mispronounce words a lot too. They seem to get what i'm tryna say though. Maybe it's just outdated? Hopefully y'all know what I'm saying! :)

It's been a real fun learning experience here and i got a lot more to talk about. keep an eye out for more entries in the future! I got a lot of pics uploaded from AI-bo that I want to show off too! and I wanna get a jukebox goin' up in here so I can show off some HOT TUNES!

MIX signin' off!